Postcards From Florida

Ongoing project that explores the people, places, and ideas that make Florida the beautifully odd place it is. (Updated 2023)



The oldest Spiritualist community in the American South, also known as "The Psychic Capital of the World". (2019)


The Fraternity of Hemingway (Updated in 2023)

Legendary American author Ernest Hemingway has one of the most unique birthday parties around. Over 100 silver haired men take part in the weekend-long contest to find the next “Papa.”



The explorers and stewards of the Florida Everglades that are striving to keep their culture alive despite national regulations and an ever changing cultural landscape. (Ongoing)


Farewell to a Florida Bard

Parrotheads descend on Key West, FL to memorialize and celebrate Jimmy Buffett on the Sunday following his death on September 1, 2023.


Florida, a Political Drama

Much like the theater, a political campaign comes in quick to entertain, makes you think, and just like that, it's over. (Ongoing)



A small, once bustling logging village in the Florida Everglades looks to preserve their community despite an ongoing exodus of residents for bigger cities and lack of county attention.


A Swamp Boy's Life

At this juvenile detention center deep in the Florida Everglades, the inmates are called "Swamp Boys." There are no fences or walls surrounding the detention center. What does surround it is vast forests, swamps, and potentially dangerous wildlife.


KOA: A Family Away From Family

In South Florida, seasonal residents usually take up beach homes and condominiums, but in this campground, the community is much more than a winter home. It's a family.


Roller Love

A love for roller derby rolls into love for each other.